Southwestern interior design is characterized rich texture, earth-tone colors as the main palette (with bright accents of yellow, orange, red clay, and turquoise),hand-crafted objects, and terra cotta or clay tile roofs. Upholstery is predominantly made of woven fabrics, leather, and suedes as well as animal hides.

Southwestern living is embodied in this warm and youthful, with rooms that feel inviting and lived in. Global-inspired, geometric, and Southwestern

patterns add a playful air to this style; you’ll see these patterns a lot in textiles and accent decor like vases and rugs.Shibori and ikat patterns are very big in Southwestern decorating, as are jute, Moroccan, kilim, souk, shag, and overdyed rugs. And, while these are popular motifs right now, this is a style that won’t feel tired or overdone in a few years.

- Beginnings of Southwest Interior Design:

The American southwest was settled by Europeans from Spain. Naturally, this means that Spanish design styles have always had a huge influence in the area. Even as architecture around the country evolved to more traditional “American” styles, Spanish style homes are still being built in the area even to this day. The southwest interior design style also has Mexican influences. These traditional adobe style homes perfectly represent the relaxed way of life in the area.

- Elements of Southwest Interior Design:

Colors in southwest interior design are inspired by the colors of the desert, with pops of color inspired by natural stones and dyes found in crafts in the area. This includes terracotta, rust, sand, and mahogany browns, as well as cactus green, sunset pink, and turquoise.

The different cultural influences on southwest interior design brought with them different elements of decor. Commonly seen across most southwest homes, however, are crafty, handmade, or handmade-inspired pieces. These arts and crafts include heavy woven rugs and quilts, clay pots and jars, woven tapestries and mosaic art and dishes, to name a few. Anything earthy and organic is welcome in the decor, including items like potted succulents and cactuses, which are reminiscent of the desert outside.

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