Coastal décor is a beachinspired type of interiors that relies on natural light, a soft palette from which blue and light blue cannot miss, an airy feel, natural textures, and a few beach– or sea-related items and motifs. In other words, it’s a relaxed and breezy summer all year round!

- Coastal Style are elements that are known to go particularly well with it:

  • For a tropical island coastal décor, incorporate more actual palms or palm patterns, brighter accents, natural teak, and tropical motifs like pineapples and flamingoes
  • Mediterranean coastal décor homages Greek, Italian, and Spanish shores with more sunbaked colors, a few black iron or metal accents, and decorative items made of terracotta
  • Coastal cottage décor combines maritime themes with a rustic touch, and you can emphasize it with even more distressed elements and an abundance of cozy textures

- Why you’re going to love coastal décor:

  • Your home will be full of charming beach-house vibes, making you feel like you’re always on vacation
  • You’ll get to create a balanced palette that’s calm and relaxing
  • You can really bring nature inside your home
  • There are lots of opportunities to make this style unique by focusing on the right sea motif for you.

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